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These pages contain photos of customers models. Click on any photo to see all the images of the build.
If you would like your model displayed here for other builders to view then please contact us.
The comleted Engine and Carts Doug Meller3" Fowler A7
Coming together The comleted Engine Paul Curtis2" Burrell Gold Medal Road Engine
The motion The comleted Engine Geoff Pickering2" Fowler Showmans Engine in wood
Lots of Bits Now Complete Engine Graham Pugh2" Burrell Gold Medal Showmans Engine
Mike Honey2" Burrell Gold Medal
with a unique Living Van/Driving Trolley
Mike Whalley2in Fowler A7
Phil Tocknell3in Fowler A7
Richard Cannell3in Fowler A7 'Lucy' - Work in progress
2in Fowler A7 - Work in progress
John Lyon2in Fowler A7 - Work in progress
Jason Ballamy2in Fowler A7 - Work in progress
Lee Hatton2in Burrell Gold Medal Tractor - Work in progress
Barry Buckley3in Fowler A7
Jacob Helf3in Fowler A7