MJLogo 2in Burrell Gold Medal Showmans Engine

Graham Pugh has now finished this 2" Gold Medal Showmans Engine and made a lovely job of painting the engine

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Lots of parts More Parts Perch bracket and Front Axle Fork Spectacle Plates Flywheel, Crankshaft and Connecting Rods Chimney and Motion Covers Ash Pan Tender Belly Tanks Cladding Cylinder mounted on Boiler Boiler with Cylinder and Weighshaft mounted Close up of Cylinder with fittings Engine almost complete Motion Details Complete Engine Complete Engine Dynamo Canopy Top Canopy underside Painted General View Painted General View Painted General View Painted general View Inside Cab Detail Motion Detail Dynamo Painted Rear Wheel Tender Side Motion Covers and Toolbox First Prize at Midlands Show 2014