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8 HP Single Cylinder Traction Engine

The Wallis & Steevens traction engine in 3" Scale has been developed from drawings and patterns originally designed by Mr Smith who owned the engine no 7269 Panther built in 1912. The drawings have been scaled from the full size engine and thus represent a faithful reproduction of the original.

All of the castings are finely detailed.

The Wallis is a similar size to our 3" Fowler A7 and makes into a highly powerful, yet not too large a model which is ideal for rallys.


Overall Length 52" Latest picture of 3" Wallis being built

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Wallis in build
Overall Height 33"
Overall Width 24"
Diameter of Flywheel 13 1/2"
Diameter of Front Wheels 11 1/2" over tyres
Diameter of Rear Wheels 18" over strakes
Boiler Diameter 8"
Cylinder, Bore and Stroke 2 1/4" x 3"
Working Pressure 120 p.s.i
Approx Weight 5 cwt approx


Part No 



Price GBP


WS01 General Arrangement Drawing - Side View 1 7.00
WS02 General Arrangement Drawing - Front View 1 7.00
WS03-WS15 Single Detailed Drawings Each 6.40
WSXX Complete Set of Detailed Drawings (WS03-WS15 excl GA's) 13 80.00

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WS03 Rear Wheels, Axle, Spuds, Strakes Drawing
WS04 Horn Plates, Bearings, Flywheel, Smokebox drawing
WS05 Tender Details Drawing
WS06 Gearing Drawing
WS07 Boiler Details Drawing
WS08 Cylinder Details, Safety Valves Drawing
WS09 Crankshaft, Weighshaft, Connecting Rod, Eccentrics Drawing
WS10 Front Wheels, Front Axle, Perch Bracket, Steering Drawing
WS11 Water Pump, Reverser, Boiler Fittings Drawing
WS12 Ash Pan, Grate, Governor, Drain Cocks Drawing
WS13 Chimney, Gear Cases, Gear Lever, Firedoor, Manifold Drawing
WS14 Final Drive Gear, Differential, Steering Gear, Winding Drum Drawing
WS15 Steam Valve, Water Lifter, Whistle Drawing