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The first model developed by MJ Engineering was the Burrell Gold Medal 5 Ton Tractor of 1920, makers number 3846. At the time the original was owned by the Honorable W.H. McAlpine.

The working lives of these little engines were invariably hard; as they were capable of being driven by one man, at relatively high speeds. As such they were very suitable for furniture removals, timber haulage & moving building materials.

Every effort was made to produce a very accurate set of drawings, together with finely detailed castings, and this set the standard for all of the other MJ Engineering products. Being so completely detailed the model is very much at home sitting peacefully in a display case; however, it is also capable of some very hard work.

The Burrell Gold Medal Tractor can often be seen on the rally fields pulling their owners around; and, on a good surface, will easily pull two adults. Proof of their authenticity is reflected in the number of awards that they have won in all of the major exhibitions; and in the high prices which they obtain when sold at auctions. Thus the Burrell Gold Medal Tractor may be seen as a good investment.

A builders manual is available giving a step-by-step guide to building these models with only basic equipment; such as a 3 1/2" lathe equipped for milling and a drilling machine. There is no need to worry about coping with large turning, as the wheel rims are cast in aluminium in polished metal dies, and require no machining at all.

This means that the largest diameter you will have to turn will be the final drive gears which is 6.4".

If, however, you decide to buy finished gears from us then the largest diameter will be the flywheel, which is 6" - well within the capacity of a 3 1/2" lathe.

Some model engineers have expressed doubts about the strength of aluminium wheel rims, but they are amazingly strong when built up; and, together with stamped spokes, tie plates and strakes, definitely represent the cheapest and easiest way of building wheels.

The finished weight of these engines is in the region of 80lbs., so they are not too difficult to move about when they are finished.

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Speed Limit and Gold Medal water slide transfers.

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weight table and speed limit transfer Gold Medal transfer


Overall Length 28"
Overall Height 19 3/4"
Overall Width 12"
Diameter of Flywheel 6"
Diameter of Front Wheels 6" over tyres
Diameter of Rear Wheels 10" over strakes
Cylinder Bores and Stroke 7/8" x 1 1/4" x 1 1/2"
Working Pressure 120 p.s.i
Diameter of Boiler 3 3/4"
Weight 80 lbs

2" Scale Burrell Showman's Tractor

To satisfy popular demand, we have also provided drawings and castings to enable the engine to be built as a fully authentic Showman's Tractor, incorporating all the details whaich are adrmired by enthusiasts of showland engines. The twisted brass canopy supports (olivers), brass stars and rings, and dynamo are all there. The prototype for this model is engine No 3868, built in 1921 and last used by Arnolds, the Isle of Wight showmen.


Part No Description Sheets Price GBP
Ex Vat
0001 Compound Tractor, Complete set of drawings 16 120.00
0002 Showman's Tractor, Complete set of drawings 17 125.00
0003 Single Tractor, Complete set of drawings 17 125.00
0098 General Arrangement 2" scale Burrell Tractor 1 10.00
0099 General Arrangement 2" scale Showman's Tractor 1 10.00
0100-0286 Single Detail Drawings 1 8.00

Drawing Details

Part No Description
0100 Front Axle and Smoke Box Assembly
0120 Hind Wheels and Final Drive Gears
0140 Boiler and Fittings
0150 Belly Tank and Fittings
0160 Tender and Fittings
0170 Canopy and Miscellaneous Details
0180 Horn Plate Assembly
0190 Differential Gearing
0200 Weighshaft Bracket and Motion
0210 Compound Cylinder Block
0220 Cylinder Fittings - Drawing
0230 Governor and Various Fittings
0240 Gear Guards and Variuos Fittings
0250 Lubricator, Piping and Lagging Details
0260 Showman's Canopy and Fittings
0270 Single Cylinder Details
0280 Single Cylinder Block
0286 Painting and Lining Details
Fittings Special Fittings and Construction Manual