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'Cutting Final Drive Gear for Plastow 4" Fowler'
Gear Cutting
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Gear Cutting and Machining Service

We are able to undertake the manufacture of most Model Traction Engine Gears - Spur and Bevel, providing we have the necessary gear hobs and cutters. We will be pleased to quote a price for either gear cutting only or machining complete.

Our machine shop is also equipped to machine cylinder blocks, wheels or any item you feel might be best left to the professional engineer. Simply contact us with your requirements

Listed below is a selection of models for which we can cut gears, if the model you are making is not listed please contact us to discuss your requirements.

1"MinnieL C Mason
1 1/2"Burrell S/CBasset Lowke
1 1/2"Burrell S.C.CA J Every
1 1/2"AllchinW J Hughes
2"Burrell TractorMJ Engineering
2"Burrell Thetford TownReeves
2"Burrell RollerMJ Engineering
2"Clayton SprocketsReeves
2"Fowler Traction EngineMJ Engineering
2"Fowler Showman'sPlastow
2"Fowler Ploughing Engine SuperbaHaining
2"Lincolshire LadReeves
2"Fowler Road LocomotiveMJ Engineering
3"Burrell Traction EnginePlastow
3"Fowler Traction EngineMJ Engineering
3"Burrell Showman'sPlastow
3"Marshall Traction EngineC Lord
3"Foden WagonT Morris
4"Fowler Traction EnginePlastow
4 1/2"Burrell Traction EnginePlastow