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0-4-0 Saddle Tank

These engines were made and supplied to customers all over the world and had to put up with indifferent fuels, drivers & climates. Therefore they had to be extremely rugged and easy to maintain, with a minimum of spare parts.

Our prototype was number 1842, built in 1907. It was one of a class of 18" gauge locomotives, and was supplied to Alfred Herbert Ltd. of Coventry. The only departures from the original design are the provision of an axle driven feed pump, and the use of Hackworth valve gear for its simplicity, although Bagnall Price valve gear can also be fitted.

The boiler is of the simple marine type, thus eliminating the need for a lot of complicated flanging of plates. It has been designed in accordance with BS 2790 to be of welded steel construction, and is a very free steamer.

All of the castings including the cylinders are fully cored wherever possible thus saving builders a great deal of difficult machining, and ensuring even steam distribution.

It is just possible to build this engine on a 3 1/2" lathe (e.g. a Myford 7) but a larger one for some of the parts will make life easier. MJ provides a machining service if required.

To assist you to build a first class model with the minimum of trouble, a builders manual, giving a step-by-step guide on machining and construction is available for this locomotive.


Overall Length 45"
Overall Height 37"
Overall Width 20"
Diameter of Wheels 6 3/8" (tread)
Boiler Diameter 8 5/8"
Cylinder, Bore and Stroke 2" x 3 1/4"
Working Pressure 90 p.s.i
Approximate Weight 5 cwt

Drawings - Click on a drawing number to see a list of the available parts.

Part No Description Price GBP
BNG00 Set of Detail Drawings (ex GA) 11 sheets (BNG02-BNG12) 85.00
BNG01 General Arrangement Bagnall 0-4-0 ST 10.00
BNG02 Main Frames and Horns 8.00
BNG03 Brake Gear Wheels and Axles 8.00
BNG04 Coupling/Connecting Rods and Valve Gear 8.00
BNG05 Cylinder Assemblies 8.00
BNG06 Smoke Box, Chimney and Boiler Feed Pump 8.00
BNG07 Boiler 8.00
BNG08 Boiler Fittings 8.00
BNG09 Safety Valves, Firegrate and Reversing Lever 8.00
BNG10 Saddle Tank and Fittings 8.00
BNG11 Cab and Miscellaneous Details 8.00
BNG12 Bagnall Price Valve Gear 8.00
Fittings Bagnall Fittings and Construction Manual