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We have produced a number of realistic extras which will make your model more authentic.
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Traction Engine Front Lamps in 2", 3" and 4" Scales

Front Lamps Fully Working

These are beautifully crafted and we are very proud of them!

All the lamps are fully sprung and produced in brass by the "lost wax" casting method each item containing rivet detail. All holes are cast so there is no machining required, just removal of the casting sprues and any small "lumps and bumps" which are part of the casting process.

The 2" and 3" lamps have lenses which are moulded in clear acrylic and hardly need touching, and are designed for assembly with soft solder, epoxy adhesive or loctite.

The 4" are heavy castings and designed to be riveted or silver soldered and screwed together. They incorporate genuine optical lenses which magnify the flame of a "night light" candle and give a very realistic light.

All components are provided including rivets, screws and full assembly instructions.

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2" and 3" front lamp kit
Part NoDescriptionSizesPrice GBP
Ex Vat
0870Kit for a pair of 2" scale front lamps2 1/4" High, 7/8" dia body 61.50
1080Kit for a pair of 3" scale front lamps3 1/4" High, 1 1/4" dia body102.50
4" front lamp kit
1091Kit for a pair of

4" scale Front Engine Lamps

feature a "night light" candle
and magnifying lens

Oil Burner Kits available see below
4 1/2" High, 2" dia body205.00

Full Size Front Lamps Full Size Front Lamps
The full size lamps, spotted at Dorset Steam fair 2005

Traction Engine Rear Lamps in 2" and 4" Scales

These are lost wax castings and need only a light clean up and painting. The 2" scale are non-working.

The 4" scale lamp is based on our 4" scale front lamp. This has a single round red lens and the fully sprung hinge at the back.

2" Rear Lamp
Part NoDescriptionPrice GBP
Ex Vat
0875Kit for a 2" scale rear lamp16.50
4" Rear Traction Engine Lamp kit1092Kit for a 4" scale rear lamp85.00

Front Loco Lamp in 4" Scale

The loco lamp is based on our 4" scale rear lamp. This has a single bulls eye clear lens and the fully sprung hinge at the back.
It is probably most suited to 7 1/4" narrow gauge locos such as the Bagnall and Romulus or 10 1/4" gauge locos as seen here on Gladstone.

 Part NoDescriptionPrice GBP
Ex Vat
4" Front loco Lamp kit1093Kit for a 4" scale front loco lamp85.00Loco lamps on 10 1/4" Gauge Gladstone Loco

4" Oil Burner

Due to popular demand the 4" Lamp can now be light by authentic Oil Burners. These are available as a kit of parts to silver solder together and include stainless steel mirrors to reflect the light out of the lenses and a handle for getting them in and out of the 4" Lamps. Beware these get very hot so be careful.

4" oil burner  kit1094Kit for a 4" Oil BurnerPrice GBP
Ex Vat


Dynamo and Exiter Castings in 2" scale

We have received many requests over the years for dynamo castings for Showman's Engines and we have made patterns for these in 2" scale and they are cast in Aluminimum. They represent the Mather and Platt P8C Dynamo and P3C Exciter as fitted to Burrell Scenic Showman's Engines. We also have the correct cover plates showing the cable connections and these are etched in brass.

Part NoDescriptionPrice GBP
Ex Vat
3220Dynamo Brush End Cover31.14
3221Dynamo Main Body53.18
3222Dynamo Pulley End Cover35.82
3223Dynamo Etched Cover Plates21.00

Exciter Dynamo

Exciter Dynamo
Part NoDescriptionPrice GBP
Ex Vat
3224Exiter Brush End Cover16.50
3225Exiter Main Body28.30
3226Exiter Pulley End Cover29.50
3227Exiter Etched Cover Plates21.00