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2" scale Fowler Class A7
Road Locomotive
and Showmans

A full set of highly detailed drawings has been produced for this engine, scaled down from "works drawings". This has resulted in a very accurate scale model with every detail faithfully reproduced. In common with our other engines a very comprehensive set of castings and fittings is available to help you build a first class replica of the original engine.

Whilst incorporating many well proven features of our very popular A7 traction engine, this model is fitted with compound cylinders, belly tanks, three speeds, larger wheels fitted with solid rubber tyres, and has a large capacity fire box.

The prototype engine was a fully sprung engine, but as this was fairly complicated, we have produced drawings showing springing on the front end only.

Showman's Version - click for more images

The road locomotive can also be built as a Showman's Engine as many of the full size engines where converted during their working lives. We have produced drawings and castings for this also.


Overall Length35 1/4"
Overall Height23 15/16""
Overall Width14 1/8"
Diameter of Flywheel9"
Diameter of Front Wheels9 3/8" over rubber tyres
Diameter of Rear Wheels13 3/8" over rubber tyres
Boiler Diameter4 3/4"
Cylinder, Bore and Stroke1 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 2"
Working Pressure120 p.s.i
Approx Weight160 lbs


Part NoDescriptionNo SheetsPrice £ Ex Vat
2999General Arrangement 2" Fowler Showman's Engine110.00
3000General Arrangement 2" Fowler Road Loco110.00
3001-3019Individual drawings as below110.00
3020Complete Set of 2" Fowler Road Loco Drawings. (excludes GA)17115.00
3021Complete set of 2" Fowler Showman's Drawings. (excludes GA)19125.00

Click on a drawing number to see details of parts and castings available

3001Boiler and Fittings
3002Front Axle and Smokebox Assembly
3003Front and Rear Wheels and Spud Pan Assembly
3004Horn Plate Assembly
3005Gear Change, Crankshaft, 3rd Shaft/Rear Axle Housings
3006Shafts and Gearing
3007Tender and Fittings
3008Belly Tank, Steering Gear and Fittings
3009Brake Gear, Reversing Lever and Winding Drum
3010Cylinder Block
3011Cylinder Fittings
3012Safety Valves, Lagging Sheets, Ash Pan
3013Motion Details
3014 Gear Guards, Motion Covers, etc
3015 Canopy and Balance Pipe
3016Plumbing Details, Water Pump
3017Painting and Lining Details
3018Showman's Fittings
3019 Showman's Canopy
fittingsSpecial Fittings