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The only model in our range that has not been designed by us, this was serialised in Model Engineer magazine starting in October 1984, Vol 153 No 3739 and designed by Keith Wilson. This is the model that everyone wants to build but very few have the staying power. It is very complicated, it would be foolish to say otherwise, and is probably best suited to the experienced model engineer who already has an engine to play with.

The engine has three piston valve cylinders which are fully cored and is over six feet in length, the weight of the engine and tender is in the region of three hundredweight.


Overall Length 76"
Overall Height 13 3/4"
Approximate Weight of Engine 225 lbs
Approximate Weight of Tender 111 lbs
Diameter of Bogie Wheels 3 1/4"
Diameter of Driving Wheels 6 17/32"
Trailing and Tender Wheels 3 25/32"
Three Cylinders 1 1/12" x 2 1/8"


Part No Description No
Price GBP
Ex Vat
0397 General Arrangement Drawing (full size) 1 16.00
0398 Complete Set of Detail Drawings
(does not include General Arrangement drawing)
24 180.00
0399 Price for Single Detail Sheets 1 8.00

Drawing Details

Sheet 1 Bogie and bogie mount details, bogie wheels and springing
Sheet 2 Training and tender wheels, all axles, hornblocks, hornstays, couplings and buffers
Sheet 3 Inside motion bracket, outside guide bar bracket, outside motion bracket
Sheet 4 Frame stays, training truck stay, rear stay, springs, eccentrics and straps, return crank rod
Sheet 5 Main frames, buffer beams, frame stretcher, smokebox saddle, lubricator tank
Sheet 6 Coupling rods, connecting rode, crossheads, radius rods, expansion links
Sheet 7 Inside motion layout, outside motion layout, weightshafts, lifting levers, walve crosshead
Sheet 8 Outside cylinder sections, bissell truck frame, pistons, valves
Sheet 9 Inside cylinder sections, trailing bogie general arrangement
Sheet 10 Smokebox, firehole door, lubricator, front tubeplate, chimney
Sheet 11 Main boiler drawings
Sheet 12 Smokebox, superheater, safety valve, water gauge
Sheet 13 Outer wrapper, regulator
Sheet 14 Brake mechanism and parts, revering gear
Sheet 15 Reversing worm, rod, cab developments and parts
Sheet 16 Cab general arrangement, grate
Sheet 17 Ashpan, rear platform plates, centre platform plates, wind deflector
Sheet 18 Boiler cleading, forward platform plates
Sheet 19 Tender frames and buffer beams
Sheet 20 Tender axleboxes, springs, brake parts
Sheet 21 Tender brakes general arrangement and details
Sheet 22 Details of tender, side, two end views and view on coal space
Sheet 23 Details of baffle plates, (3) back and front plates, sole plates, main coal plate,well tank and sump.
Steps, coal doors and main ladder and steps at rear plate
Sheet 24 Details of front and rear coal plates, locations of baffle plates, tank sides, vacuum reservoirs
ejector vacuum reservoir covers, water filler cap

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